9.900km 175m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Graham Watson LEI M21 63:18
2 LIam Harrington LOG M21 70:53
3 Pete Helme BAOC M35 71:44
4 David Lawson DVO M45 75:06
5 Paul Murgatroyd LOG M40 76:56
6 Keith Lowthian NOC M40 90:44
7 Paul Beresford DVO M40 91:28
8 Paul Goodhead DVO M45 93:00
9 Mark Spendlove DVO M40 94:42
10 Mark Hardy LEI M40 105:12
11 Russell Buxton DVO M50 109:02
12 Ian Wells LEI M55 116:37
13 Lynne Mabbitt   W45 195:02
mp Lin Bentley     30:26



7.200km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Andy Hemsted HOC M60 52:31
2 Roger Edwards LEI M60 62:43
3 Ben Beresford DVO M16 63:06
4 Dave Denness LOG M50 64:02
5 Ian Wilson LEI M40 64:44
6 Mike Gardner DVO M50 65:12
7 Mark Foxwell LEI M45 66:38
8 Michael Parsons LEI M55 68:18
9 Helen Chiswell DVO W21 70:19
10 Simon Ford LEI M65 70:32
11 Keith Willdig OD M60 72:09
12 Kerina Lake WCH W21 73:33
13 Daniel Parsons LEI M16 73:40
14 Alastair Paterson LEI M40 74:16
15 Glynn Smith LEI M65 75:36
16 Robert Hatfield NOC M60 76:47
17 Keith Roberts NOC M50 76:48
18 Robert Haskins LEI M55 77:38
19 George Normand LEI M65 78:39
20 Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 78:54
21 Joanne Nell RAFO W45 79:18
22 Michael Nell RAFO M60 81:28
23 Andrew Wallace NOC M50 83:11
24 Simon Starkey LEI M50 83:25
25 Ursula Williamson LEI W45 84:23
26 Ian Salmon LEI M45 84:36
27 Mark Sherriff LEI M45 85:12
28 Tom George RAFO M18 86:45
29 Sean Harrington LOG M50 87:15
30 Philip Walters IND M45 91:00
31 Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 91:37
32 Kim Buxton DVO W45 93:45
33 Nigel Ferrand SWOC M50 94:35
34 Michael Lindsay DVO M60 98:12
35 Steve Edgar LEI M40 106:51
dns Rod Mansel SUFFOC M50 756:14



4.800km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Harriet Lawson DVO W16 41:26
2 David Bray LEI M55 42:57
3 David Brown NOC M50 49:44
4 Andy Hawkins DVO M60 50:49
5 David Cooke NOC M60 52:28
6 David Anderson LEI M70 53:25
7 Adrian Northcott DVO M45 54:25
8 Neil Fraser NOC M45 55:49
9 Ali Lea BAOC W35 56:45
10 Victoria Littlewood NOC W16 57:06
11 Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 59:02
12 Toby Manning LEI M55 59:33
13 Andy Furnell LOG M45 59:59
14 Felicity Manning LEI W55 61:36
15 Ernie Williams LEI M65 62:29
16 Michael Lord NOC M45 62:32
17 Tony Buckland NOC M70 63:05
18 Margaret Willdig OD W55 63:15
19 Carl Newman IND M45 64:26
20 Jonathan Law LEI M50 67:16
21 Margaret Keeling DVO W60 70:27
22 Chris Phillips LEI M60 70:30
23 John Woodall NOC M70 73:44
mp Carys James SMOC W18 68:04
mp Maria Roberts NOC W45 81:30

Light Green


3.700km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Amy Parkinson NOC W21 38:01
2 Phillip Denness LOG M17 40:27
3 Toby Fisher LEI M35 40:35
4 Sacha Fisher LEI W35 40:52
5 Chris Heaton LEI M21 41:27
6 Robert Titterington LEI M65 41:46
7 Paul Stothard LEI M40 44:25
8 Craig Youngs RAFO M16 44:37
9 Jessica Beresford DVO W14 44:41
10 Euan Tebbutt LEI M12 47:02
11 Kevin Bradley LEI M55 47:44
12 Vivien Law LEI W50 48:06
13 Liz Heaton LEI W21 48:19
14 Sarah Fletcher RAFO W18 52:58
15 Miles Plaskett DVO M16 60:05
16 P Wilson   M40 60:40
17 Jack Lord NOC M14 60:41
18 Lee Powell LEI M50 60:53
19 Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M14 62:36
20 Mark Goodhead DVO M14 63:00
21 Roger Keeling DVO M65 69:15
22 John Pickles NOC M55 69:38
23 Diane Ford LEI W60 70:19
24 Margaret Buckland NOC W65 70:52
25 Cathy Goodhead DVO W45 72:58
26 Penny Hemsted HOC W65 73:35
27 Peter Ambrose DVO M60 75:38
28 Molly Smith LEI W65 82:14
29 Ros James SMOC W45 82:29
30 Emma Walker   W35 93:39
dnf Sarah Ford   W35  
mp Zoe Hill IND   127:00



3.300km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Alan West LEI M50 31:52
2 Hannah McNab RAFO W14 34:03
3 Georgia Davey RAFO W18 38:51
4 Nicholas Wilson LEI M12 45:37
5 Julia Biggs   W35 47:59
6 Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W12 70:52
7 Wendy West LEI W45 95:05
mp Nicola Northcott DVO W12 75:24



1.800km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Ethan Tebbutt LEI M10 17:21
2 Joanna Goodhead DVO W12 17:43
3 Andy Edwards LEI M50 18:25
3= Sian Edwards LEI W10 18:25
5 Imogen Wilson LEI W10 19:10
6 Wendy West LEI W45 22:26
7 Russell Kirk RAFO M16 42:49
8 Matthew Whelton RAFO M14 43:01



1.600km 35m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Alex Gibb   M10 15:28
2 Gibb Family     22:03
3 Julie Watson LEI M21 48:52
4 Alison Hayes DVO W45 53:48

Organiser's Comments

After the excitement of the recent snow and ice, we were all relieved that the chance to run on such a lovely clear and sunny morning proved to be a tempting option. Whilst the ground was rather heavy underfoot Max’s courses made good use of this area. A number of runners were overheard commenting that they hadn’t realised how physical the area could be.

Additional markers were put out to direct runners to the start after it became apparent that initially the route was not entirely clear. My apologies to those of you who were affected but I trust this did not detract from your enjoyment of the courses.

Having use of the club house gave the event a very comfortable and pleasant base. The possibility of a post run hot sandwich may well have been an added incentive to your run.

My sincere thanks to Peter for his invaluable guidance and assistance, to Max for his calm and thorough planning, and to Mark for providing the coaching session.

Last, but definitely not least, a very big thank you to all of the LEI members who helped on the day. Without your help this event would not have been possible, I appreciate that whilst the sun shone there was still a wintery chill in the air.

Alison Hardy

Planner's Comments

Planning this event was quite a challenge as I have not planned an event like this for 20 years but it was good with the support from Peter. The main challenges in planning this event was the weather conditions as most of the preparation for this event was done in the snow and it is amazing how different an area can look in those conditions. I had problems with the Yellow course as I was very limited in the area I chose to use it really turned out to be a longer White although it did improve with help from Peter at the other end of the scale the brown course was a challenge to get in the length on a single map without repeating to many route choices.

Having spent a good time running around the area it was good to see that we will soon be able to add some detailed areas not yet mapped that will provide some interesting alternative control locations.

I hope most people enjoyed themselves and thanks to Peter, Mark, Alison all seemed to run smoothly.

Max Cole

Controller's Comments

January events can be difficult with limited time for control placement and checking, little time for lost competitors at the event end, and unpredictable weather.

The weather of course, was a delight, it shone most of the day. But it meant that most of the pre event field work was in thick snow, or ice. The use of the social club not only gives us a dry and warm base but also gives a lovely social aspect to the event, complete with great refreshments. Thanks to the Bagworth Club for keeping us social and providing an endless supply of bacon butties.

Alison and her helpers gave us a very smooth organisation, many thanks to you all. Everyone seemed to get their run and enjoy it.

We had to have a good look at the map in the weeks leading up to the event as many areas had grown up. This restricted some of the sites that were available, or fair, to use on the day. However Max's courses needed very little attention as he provided excellent drafts. The only foreseen problem was that having the start close to the village, meant that the yellow course would be either too short or too long, obviously we went for too short, but what we got on the day was too wet! My apologies for those who wanted to get their feet dry.

The 'stepping stones' or rock scramble was inspected many times during the snow and ice prior to the event, and at those times was crossable with care. On my safety check on Saturday afternoon, I found the first part to be 10 inches underwater! The snow melt had played havoc with the senior courses. By doing a bit of gardening, a safe but difficult route was made. By 9am on Sunday the waters, despite overnight rain, were well down but still above normal. So I decided that we could cross but we would warn competitors. The warning notices were enough to make runners cross with care or to run round. I will be adding some short video clips of the best and worst of the action! Call back for the link please.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Alison and Max for future events (sorry guys).

Thanks to you all for making the day pass without incident and for foregoing the competing nearby events. I had a wonderful day and I hope you all did.

Peter Hornsby

Some photographs courtesy of the controller, Peter Hornsby

Bagworth photo 1 Bagworth Photo 2 Bagworth Photo 3
Bagworth Photo 4 Bagworth Photo 5 Bagworth Photo 6
Bagworth Photo 7 Bagworth Photo 8 Bagworth Photo 9
Bagworth Photo 10 Bagworth Photo 11 Bagworth Photo 12
Bagworth Photo 13