Please note that due to some controls still having an internal clock set to BST, some splits will not make sense.
Where no split time is shown this is because the clock on the preceding control was 1 hour fast, therefore creating a negative split time.
LEI apologise for any inconvenience caused

Please note that the above problem has now been resolved and all splits are now present.



7.500km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 David Lawson DVO M45 55:17
2 Thomas Honniball LOG M21 57:05
3 Paul Murgatroyd LOG M40 60:57
4 Howard Alcock LEI M40 67:44
5 Paul Beresford NOC M40 72:37
6 Mark Webster NOC M45 76:22
7 Roger Phillips LEI M21 76:26
8 Steve Green NOC M50 77:26
9 Matt Green NOC M16 78:36
10 Paul Goodhead DVO M45 80:17
11 Russell Buxton DVO M50 100:19
12 Colin John DVO M55 100:38
13 Rodney Hugo OD M65 106:27
14 Faye Greaves OD W21 124:34
mp Mark Spendlove DVO M40 73:34
mp Ben Shannon LEI M21 112:43



6.800km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Campbell Walsh NOC M21 55:31
2 Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 56:50
3 Dave Denness LOG M50 61:14
4 Ian Wilson LEI M40 61:42
5 John Mather LOG M40 69:53
6 Roger Edwards LEI M60 70:05
7 Murray White DVO M40 70:18
8 Keith Roberts NOC M50 70:43
9 Caudin LOG M21 71:54
10 Alastair Paterson LEI M40 72:08
11 Michael Lord NOC   74:54
12 Simon Ford LEI M65 74:55
13 Peter Hornsby LEI M55 75:14
14 John Marriott LEI M60 77:01
15 Gary Peet NOC M40 77:24
16 Joanne Nell RAFO W45 77:58
17 Glynn Smith LEI M65 79:03
18 Jeffrey Baker LOG M55 83:59
19 Ian Salmon LEI M45 84:23
20 Mark Hardy LEI M40 84:42
21 Ursula Williamson LEI W45 84:58
22 Kim Buxton DVO W45 87:07
23 Paul Goodwin NOC M55 90:45
24 Radek Raiajczak IND M21 95:39
25 Steve Edgar LEI M40 96:01
26 Felicity Manning LEI W55 104:03
27 Michael Lindsay DVO M60 106:08
mp Michael Nell RAFO M60 73:38



5.100km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 David Bray LEI M55 42:58
2 Richard Windsor LEI M45 47:08
3 Andy Hawkins DVO M60 53:17
4 Alan West LEI M50 58:39
5 Nathan Lawson DVO M14 59:09
6 David Anderson LEI M70 59:50
7 Dave Skidmore DVO M60 60:27
8 Neil Fraser NOC M45 61:44
9 David Sissons NOC M35 62:42
10 Peter Cholerton NOC M55 66:08
11 John Woodall NOC M70 72:59
12 Chris Phillips LEI M60 75:22
13 Paul Hudson NOC M45 75:41
14 Ruth Ellis DVO W55 76:21
15 Rachel Simonetti LEI W35 77:15
16 Mark Goodhead DVO M16 79:44
17 Margaret Keeling DVO W60 81:46
18 Laurie Fluck LEI M60 83:14
19 Jonathan Law LEI M50 85:45
mp Jeff Edwards LEI M60 95:35

Light Green


3.800km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 44:12
2 Barbara Tebbutt LEI W40 46:08
3 Jessica Beresford NOC W14 47:08
4 Jack Lord NOC M14 47:27
5 Euan Tebbutt LEI M12 47:47
6 Kevin Bradley LEI M55 51:08
7 Fiona Pennie IND W21 53:24
8 Tracy Brookes IND W45 60:01
9 Cathy Goodhead DVO W45 61:05
10 John Pickles NOC M60 61:43
11 Diane Ford LEI W60 73:25
12 Molly Smith LEI W65 75:20
13 Roger Keeling DVO W60 78:24
14 Thomas Webster NOC M14 82:06
15 Peter Chick LEI M65 86:41
mp Wendy West LEI W45 146:13



3.500km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Simon West LEI M14 32:47
2 Nicholas Wilson LEI M12 33:27
3 Charlotte Webster NOC W12 46:49
4 Joanna Goodhead DVO W12 47:35
5 Emily Naish   W11 50:01
mp Ben Naish   M7 55:45



2.400km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 Ethan Tebbutt LEI M10 24:15
2 Imogen Wilson LEI W10 28:51
3 Christine Brown IND W45 32:37
4 Tricia Burningham   W50 43:46



1.800km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1 James Peet NOC M10 18:16
2 Brian Johnson MDDXO M70 31:00
3 Alexa Lindsay DVO W10 39:14

Organiser's Comments

With sub zero temperatures, clear blue skies and firm white ground just under a hundred competitors explored Burbage Common and Woods using the newly updated map. Good to see so many turning out when the weather was rather challenging as the effort behind the scenes is the same regardless of the number of competitiors.

I am very grateful to all who helped on the day. The Planner and Controller were out in the early hours when temperatures were incredibly low, certainly a day for us all to remember. Thanks to them both for an enjoyable event.

The visitors centre was a welcome indoor base for the registration and results teams, and had the additional bonus of hot drinks for general purchase. The initial results certainly generated some curious times but as you see they have now available for you.

Thankfully the sun shone constantly on the start lanes. The various members of the Start team did a superb job and wrapped up well to brave the cold. Thanks too to those who helped collect in the controls. This enabled the us to leave the site just as the sun was setting and the tempertures started to drop further.

Alison Hardy

Planner's Comments

It's half past five on a Sunday morning and the outside temperature gauge is showing -10C. I must be mad going out orienteering. … Those whose lunacy led them to Burbage found woodland which looked very different to normal. Routes which a week earlier had been uncrossable were now viable. The whole runability of the area changed, though as at least one LEI runner found, a bog shown on the map is still a bog beneath that coating of ice. I hope you found the new map a help in this complex area. Thanks to Pete Leake for delivering on time. Thanks also to Bob for his controlling influence and to Alison for her organisation. Finally a big thank-you to all you competitors who braved the cold and beat down some wonderful routes through the woods which made our task collecting in the controls later so much easier.

Simon Starkey

Controller's Comments

What a difference a day makes. The previous weekend, Burbage was its usual wintertime wet and muddy self, but the dusting of snow and heavy frost certainly transformed the area, making the going much faster for those that braved the cold weather. After setting off in the dark with my headtorch to check controls (and the ones that had been out all night started OK!), it seemed quite pleasant standing in the sun to watch the event proceed (even though the temperature was still below zero). As Simon has indicated, the area has been completely remapped and so no doubt looked a bit different even to those who have orienteered there on many occasions. Simon planned some excellent courses to use the different types of terrain to best advantage for different complexity of courses and used the (relatively small) area well to incorporate the longer courses. Thanks are also due to Alison, as Organiser, for looking after the organisation so well, and it was also nice to have the visitor centre for registration and download. We had a timing issue on the day as we had amalgamated two sets of controls for the event and some were still on British Summer Time. Many thanks to Kevin Bradley who spotted the problem and changed start and finish times as competitors came in to at least give sensible start and finish times to all. As usual, lessons are always learnt at an event.

Bob Haskins