6.930km 245m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Richard Robinson NOC M21 38:04
2nd Ben Beresford NOC M16 54:14
3rd Chris McCartney OD M40 54:57
4th Charles Nell RAFO M20 58:22
5th Angus Shedden   M21 60:27
6th Howard Alocock LEI M40 60:59
7th Andy Emmerson OD M50 61:31
8th Roger Phillips LEI M21 64:10
9th Chris Williamson LEI M21 66:33
10th Paul Beresford NOC M40 68:52
11th Jonathan May LOG M35 69:56
12th= Clive Street HH M50 71:31
12th= Mark Webster NOC M45 71:31
14th Paul Goodhead DVO M45 75:35
15th Mark Spendlove DVO M40 78:25
16th Steve Green NOC M50 78:55
17th Russell Buxton DVO M50 81:12
18th Michael Lord NOC M45 83:13
19th Martin Sleath   M55 84:51
mp Paul Murgatroyd LOG M40 50:07
mp Mike Capper WAOC M55 65:04



5.820km 170m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Roger Edwards LEI M60 47:56
2nd Dai Bedwell DVO M40 51:41
3rd Julie Emmerson OD W14 53:31
4th David Saunders HH M50 53:42
5th Jenny Williamson ERYRI W21 54:36
6th Iain Tebbutt LEI M40 55:21
7th Richard Bonnett BAOC M55 55:36
8th Michael Baggott HOC M55 56:01
9th William Parkinson NOC M14 56:16
10th Simon Elliott NOC M55 56:25
11th Mike Godfree DVO M60 56:39
12th Christopher Smith BAOC M40 57:51
13th Anthony Donaldson NOC M40 58:17
14th Rod Postlethwaite WRE M55 59:46
15th Tanya Taylor LOG W40 60:08
16th Ian Wilson LEI M40 60:19
17th Joe Elliott NOC M16 60:27
18th Richard Leake LEI M40 60:35
19th Catherine Hughes NOC W40 61:16
20th Gerry Spalton OD M60 63:28
21st Keith Roberts NOC M50 64:17
22nd Keith Willdig OD M60 64:46
23rd Helen Chiswell DVO W21 64:50
24th Guy Seaman SYO M60 64:56
25th Ruth Shedden LEI W21 65:03
26th Simon Starkey LEI M50 66:07
27th Joanne Nell RAFO W45 66:54
28th Peter Leake LEI M70 67:37
29th John Ward OD M65 68:00
30th Michael Nell RAFO M60 68:03
31st Ursula Williamson LEI W45 68:09
32nd Mark Sherriff LEI M45 68:14
33rd Peter Hornsby MOR M55 69:02
34th Kim Buxton DVO W45 70:06
35th Robert Parkinson NOC M50 71:21
36th Barry McGowan HOC M60 71:28
37th Michael Parsons LEI M55 72:47
38th Toby Greaves OD M40 74:27
39th Helen Powell BOK W55 76:29
40th Paul Goodwin NOC M55 87:30
41st Rod Mansel SUFFOC M50 89:29
42nd Michael Lindsay DVO M60 90:01
43rd Steve Edgar LEI M40 94:59
44th Alison Wright LOG W21 95:27
mp Mark Burley BOK M21 45:52
mp John Marriott LEI M60 64:41



4.390km 130m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mark Goodhead DVO M16 49:29
2nd Robert Vickers HOC M65 55:07
3rd Judith Holt LEI W60 55:15
4th Alison Saunders HH W50 55:47
5th Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W45 56:14
6th Trevor Simpson OD M70 56:19
7th Edward Nicholson NOC M50 56:28
8th Neil Fraser NOC M45 60:32
9th Paul Hudson NOC M45 60:46
10th Liz Godfree DVO W60 61:07
11th Dave Skidmore DVO M60 62:17
12th Rachel Davis DVO W45 62:52
13th Alan West LEI M50 63:01
14th Jordan Webster NOC M16 63:19
15th Sue Jones TVOC W45 63:54
16th Andy Furnell LOG M45 64:35
17th Margaret Willdig OD W55 65:00
18th Julie Webster NOC W45 65:08
19th David Sissons NOC M35 65:30
20th Jeffrey Baker LOG M55 66:54
21st Sarah Edwards LOG W21 67:08
22nd John Palmer NOC M60 68:12
23rd= Ernie Williams LEI M65 69:19
23rd= Sam Fraser NOC M20 69:19
25th Helen Parkinson NOC W40 71:19
26th John Cooke LEI M60 73:36
27th Jonathan Law LEI M50 74:27
28th Euan Tebbutt LEI M12 74:39
29th John Woodall NOC M70 75:22
30th Thelma Spalton OD W60 79:26
31st David Winser NOC M55 83:05
32nd Ruth Ellis DVO W55 84:14
33rd Rachel Simonetti LEI W35 87:56
34th Graham Dugdale DEVON M55 89:45
35th Hayley Fox LOG W35 90:20
36th Sally Maier   W50 93:09
37th Felicity Manning LEI W55 99:20
mp Max Elliott NOC M14 58:48

Light Green


3.580km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jamie Rennie IND M40 36:26
2nd Hilary Palmer NOC W60 38:33
3rd Victoria Littlewood NOC W16 43:04
4th Jessica Beresford NOC W14 47:02
5th Esther Revell BOK W21 47:11
6th= Roderick Mansel SUFFOC M14 48:11
6th= Gillian Hanson HH W40 48:11
8th Nicholas Wilson LEI M12 48:57
9th Cathy Goodhead DVO W45 49:55
10th Andy Portsmouth LEI M55 51:18
11th Jack Lord NOC M14 52:41
12th Christine Elliott NOC W50 52:42
13th Faye Greaves OD W21 54:11
14th Maria Roberts NOC W45 54:23
15th Lee Powell LEI M50 54:46
16th Kevin Bradley LEI M55 56:31
17th Laurie Fluck LEI M60 56:48
18th Hilary Simpson OD W70 57:08
19th Heather Sherriff LEI W21 57:20
20th Chris Phillips LEI M60 58:26
21st Simon West LEI M14 58:38
22nd Muriel Scaife WAOC W40 58:46
23rd Charlotte Webster NOC W12 59:20
24th Karen Bedwell DVO W40 64:34
25th Lesley Norton WRE W65 66:14
26th Beryl Seaman SYO W60 66:17
27th Vivien Law LEI W50 72:42
28th Wendy West LEI W45 81:23
29th Gail Lockwood NOC W40 103:35
30th Derek Ricketts LEI M60 130:19



2.940km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Kathryn Spendlove DVO W45 42:53
n/c Ethan Tebbutt LEI M10 43:30
2nd Steve Spendlove IND M35 44:15
3rd Joanna Goodhead DVO W12 44:33
4th Matt Whelton RAFO M14 45:14
5th Imogen Wilson LEI W10 51:35
6th Bronwen Mansel SUFFOC W12 57:30
7th Gillian Hasberry   W45 59:13
8th Andrew Oxby RAFO M16 68:49
9th Rhys Roberts NOC M21 74:07
10th Lauren Bates IND W14 79:54
11th Rachel Goodacre IND W14 80:59
12th Wilkins Family     95:43
dnf Thomas Webster NOC M14  
mp Oli Bumfrey RAFO M14 96:18



2.080km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Edward Scaife WAOC M12 24:10
2nd Russell Kirk RAFO M16 28:00
3rd Sebastien Scaife WAOC M10 32:48
n/c Rupert Powell WCH M2 34:17
n/c Harrington Leake LEI M5 35:24
4th Rachel Kirk RAFO W20 35:58
5th Heather Starey RAFO W14 44:55
mp Fraser and Charlie Alcock   M14 32:07



1.350km 20m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Samuel Davis DVO M8 17:27
2nd James Bedwell   M10 18:15
n/c Alexa Lindsay DVO W10 31:01
3rd Julie Watson LEI W35 35:14

Planner's Comments

Well I hope you all enjoyed running around Outwoods. It is a small area to host a large event and the cold weather in the month leading up to the day also helped to improve run-ability in most sections of the wood. Unfortunately the warmer weather that arrived on Monday made it very difficult getting around some parts of the competition area. I hope all of you that passed through the ice skating rink (upper car park) enjoyed yourself. Although the ice made it treacherous in parts of the wood, the situation was constantly improving during the morning. Living very close to Outwoods many of the courses were planned so you ran some of my favourite routes; I hope you all enjoyed them. Thanks to Bob for organising the event and Mark for keeping the courses in check.

Graham Watson