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Planner's Comments

Firstly, I have to say that Benscliffe is not my favourite orienteering area, so planning good courses through there was a challenge for me. Although there were a couple of adverse comments, I hope I used the parts that are reasonable in a good manner. Since our last use of this part of Charnwood South, some further parts have been declared out of bounds, with others getting more choked with bracken and brambles, so the good parts are diminishing. However, some parts around the crags are really excellent.

Only the three longer courses used Benscliffe. All other courses kept to the land on the eastern side of the road, the new plantations, and the piece of mature woodland at the northern end. There is some quite varied countryside in this part, and it does lend itself nicely to the less complex courses. The plantations are also now maturing quite quickly, so different route choices may be available in the future.

I stood at the finish for quite a while and would commend the effort being put in by many competitors as they came up the hill to end their runs. Perhaps we should reverse things one time, and start the courses down the hill! Talking of effort, I’d also like to thank Laurie, the Organiser, and all the helpers on the day. Also thanks to Andy for his input of useful comment during the planning of the event.

Finally, I can’t resist mentioning the snow which caused us to postpone the event in February. I’d already put out the controls for Benscliffe on the Saturday, so had to go round and collect them in again in the snow on the Sunday. It was very enjoyable and most runnable going round over three inches of snow, it’s just a pity that nobody would have been able to get there.

Bob Haskins

Controller's Comments

What a difference a few weeks make! Standing at the start in February (when the event was originally scheduled), ankle deep in snow, the event had to be postponed. Today, especially with no aircraft in the air, blue skies made for a very different event. So, apologies to anyone inconvenienced in February, I hope today's weather made up for that. .

An excellent turn-out of just over 180 competitors, meant that Planner Bob Haskin's courses were enjoyed by the numbers we'd hoped for. Bob had put together some excellent courses and he needed very little input from me. Bob is now a very competent planner, as I am sure your realised from your course.

A thank-you to all those involved today. Most teams who had originally put their hands up to help, also agreed to help today – except some still stuck abroad! Thanks to Organiser Laurie and his team of helpers. Thanks also to the Download team, who beaver away behind the scenes ensuring that you receive your results in double quick time!

Now to a couple of points raised during the event:-

Firstly, control 212 - on the crag foot. I had checked this earlier in the day, approaching it from the south and found it without problem. On making my way north-east I came upon the Snow White hut, so I do believe that it was in the correct position. That particular area on the map is not my favourite and I have made mistakes whilst competing there myself. It maybe that someone needs to re-visit that particular area of the map.

Secondly, on Blue, the route from Control 1 passes very close to Control 21 and the purple lines on the map from 1 to 2 and from 21 to 22 pass very close and are virtually parallel for a short distance. That coupled with the control number “21” being a little indistinct, I can see how some may have been diverted from 1 to 21 in error. Luckily, the slight diversion did not take you far from your track. I am not sure that moving the number “21” would have improved matters, in fact once I had put my reading glasses on, it was all quite clear!

Lastly, Control 216, on the boulder, in and amongst the trees! I know this foxed a few of you. Maybe in hindsight this wasn't the best control in the western part of the competition area and in fact, very few of the boulders in those trees are mapped, so there is little to navigate by. Easier to find when approached from the west.

I hope you all enjoyed your day in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

Andy Portsmouth